Roof Sketch

Roof Diagram


The price above is the starting cost of our ESX Only and XML Only orders. For an additional $5 we will include a PDF report, which includes the diagram, facet count, pitch of each facet, and the roof variables including the ridge, hip, perimeter measurements, and the waste factors.

Additional Info

Facets *

Specify Number of Facets
If you don’t know the facet count the sketch will be billed based on the total number of facets on the finished diagram. Please see our 2015 pricing sheet found on the pricing page for more info.

Type of Structure

Specify whether the structure is residential or commercial
Price increase per 100 squares for commercial properties.


Add the fence or deck on the property to your ESX or XML for an additional $5 each.

Select Report Type *

.ESX file imports into Xactimate and .XML file imports into Symbility and a PDF report can be added to either data file for an additional $5. If you are only looking for a PDF file choose the XML & Full report option as this report is more comprehensive at no additional charge.
Sample Full Report with XML file   Sample Full Report with ESX file

Image of Structure

If there is any tree cover or unique features that may block the view of the roof of the structure, please add an image.

Expedited Order

6 hours guaranteed turnaround
Expedited orders will be processed within 6 business hours or 2 business hours of ordering depending on the option. Our business hours range from 8 AM to 6 PM.
Orders expedited during non-business hours will be started at 8 AM the following business day.

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