Roof Maintenance Checklist

Aerial view of large home with new roof on beautiful property.As roofing professionals and claims adjusters, we know that roof maintenance is one of the most important things our clients can do to save money and avoid unnecessary stress. When we finish a job we want to make sure our clients understand this as well, so they have an above-and-beyond experience working with us.

We know that a roof protects the house interior and helps keep moisture from causing structural damage which could cost thousands of dollars down the road, but homeowners may not always be aware of the best practices for keeping their roof in tip-top shape. Any information we can give them after we have completed our job will be a direct benefit to all involved. If we let our clients know to take just a little time for roof inspection in the spring, fall, and after a storm, we can save them money and headache.

We at Ridge Top Aerial Technologies have put together this Roof Maintenance Checklist for your convenience, as a resource you can provide your clients to guide them through proper steps to preserve their roof.

 Download our Roof Maintenance Checklist

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